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Save Money On Carpets

1- Choose your carpet
we have accounts with all leading carpet manufactures so we can be competitive price.

2-Choose your underlay
We only use the best underlay to enhance the look and the wear of your carpets.This is where most retailers make there money.

3-Phone 07771 861748
To arrange a fitting date.

Why is it cheaper?.....You saved 35 on delivery as we don't charge (local only)
you can save up to 2.00m2 on underlay for the same quality
(40 on the average size lounge)

We supply Carpet,Vinyl,Laminates and Wood as well as top grades of underlay and all accessories at a competitive price.

We are proud memebers of Check a trade since July 2011.

And use this site for references for future customers

On complation of work we will ask you to fill out a form or submit comments online so we can keep monitoring

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In Need Of Flooring Inspiration?
Boundary Carpets is your one stop shop for all your flooring needs. We provide high performance service with hard working and friendly installation consultants.We believe that customer sevice and satisfaction is the key to our success.